Learn to Play Drums the Easy Way.

Imagine--You Can Play Drums!    You sit down behind the drum kit, close your eyes, and begin to play. As you start grooving with your favorite beat, the outside world begins to drift away and you can't help but smile. It's just you and the drums.

Sounds good, right? Well, guess what? It's real! Allow us to unlock the secrets of drumming for you. Our highly acclaimed Adults Absolute Beginners Group Class has received a multitude of 5-star reviews on both Google and Yelp. We've helped hundreds of beginners just like you experience the joy of drumming. And at just $36 per hour of class, it's our most economical way for you to start your pursuit of drumming bliss.

Begin your drumming journey with one of our November classes. But hurry--these classes usually SELL OUT. Sign up for the Monday class that starts 10/24 (just 2 spots left), or the Tuesday class that starts 11/8 (2 spots left). Hurry -- the Saturday class has already SOLD OUT!

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Welcome to NYC’s #1 Drum Teaching Studio.

Have you always wanted to play drums but never got around to it? Are you an absolute beginner who has never picked up a stick but wants to learn to play? Are you a teen who needs to pass your audition to get into that arts high school or jazz band? Are you a working pro drummer who never really learned to read or just wants some new ideas to spice up your playing? We have helped drummers and drummers-to-be in all of the above situations and many more.

It's that flexibility, openness and welcoming attitude, coupled with top notch, highly skilled and experienced teachers that has made us NYC's premier drum teaching studio.

Do you want just a single drum lesson? Do you want to come every week? Either way is fine with us because BANG! The Drum School is a low pressure (but never-the-less highly effective) place to learn the drums.

It's always been my view that focusing on only one thing is the way to get really good at something. That's why we're specialists here. Drumming is all we do.

We also share ideas, exercises, philosophies, transcriptions and other stuff via "The Drumming Blog," one of the world's most visited blogs on the subject.

"The Drumming Blog" is full of drum lessons and exercises, thoughts and ideas, and transcriptions of the playing of great drummers. Check back often, because there is new stuff being added every week. In fact, there are two new posts per week.

Folks looking for drum lessons in NYC--including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and all over the Tri State Area--have been finding out about BANG. And as the word has spread, we’ve quickly become NYC's #1 place to learn about drumming.

The reason? We're good at what we do and we love doing it. At BANG! The Drum School, we're 100% committed to your complete satisfaction and we back that up with a money back guarantee.

We have a beautiful and comfortable teaching facility. Have a look for yourself.

See the photo at the top of the page? It's just one of our two gorgeous and fully equipped drum studios. We've also got a little waiting area with a very comfy couch so you can hang out and wait while your kids take their lessons or while your instructor is finishing up the lesson before yours. Use our Wi-Fi while you relax. Contact us to arrange a studio tour. We'd love to show you around the place. We promise you that no one else offering drum lessons in NYC has a space as nice as this. We designed it especially to be a drumming nirvana, and that's what it is.

Drumming is Joy, So Follow Your Muse…

BANG! was conceived and founded on the notion that one should be encouraged to vigorously pursue whatever art it is that gives one joy. In my case, a great deal of the joy in my life has come from drumming. I was fortunate to have been encouraged by my parents to be creative. They never told me "no, you can't do that." That idealistic notion, that anyone can be an artist (or do ANYTHING) if they have the right encouragement and guidance and work hard, is what steers the ship here at BANG!

We believe in pursuing one's dreams!

We have an open door policy here at BANG! This means that we will not judge you based on your age, the type of music you like, your gender, or your current skill level as a drummer. All are welcome. The main thing is: do you want to learn to play the drums or get better at playing them? Well, if so, then you have come to the right place.

Let me elaborate on our non-elitist thinking....

We don't care how old you are (we have beginning students who are 7 and others in their 50's and 60's), we don't care what kind of music you like (punk, jazz, rock or marching band), we don't care if you're male or female (we have almost equal numbers of both who study with us) and finally, we don't care if you have never picked up a pair of sticks before or just got off the road with a major touring act and need to work out some kinks in your technique (we've helped many drummers at all levels of skill, including absolute beginners, local drummers playing in clubs around town and touring pros who you've seen on TV with famous artists. We’ve even helped platinum artists who play other instruments learn to play drums because they believed it would help them play their first instrument better.) ALL we care about is that you are excited about drumming.

We remember that delicious feeling we got when we were first able to play that rock beat we couldn't do the week before, and we STILL get that magical feeling when we master something new today.

Everyone at BANG! loves drums and drumming. BANG! teachers are humble, friendly, and encouraging. No attitudes or egos are allowed here. Of course, BANG! teachers are really talented and accomplished drummers themselves. You can hear our teachers' playing (and see video) at each teachers' "Bio" page under the menu item "Teachers." Why would you take a lesson with someone without hearing how they play?

One last thing. I remember watching a video of one of my favorite all-time drummers, Tony Williams, in a rare drum clinic appearance. In the video, he plays a great drum solo, and then he stumbles out in front of the drums, sweat dripping down his face, and grabs the microphone to address the audience. With a sheepish, child-like grin, Tony said, “I love the drums and hope you love them too.”

Now, what else is there to say? Come see us!

With Love for the Drums,

Mark Feldman

Drummer and Founder, BANG! The Drum School