Learn To Play Drums The Easy Way — Our Group Class Will Guide You.

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Picture this. You grab your sticks and sit down behind the drum set. As you start to play, the world around you and all it's stress begins to drift away. You close your eyes and play your favorite beat. You're in the zone; just you and the groove. When the trance breaks, you look at the clock and realize that you’ve been playing for an hour. How did that happen? It felt like just a few minutes!

That's what playing drums is like! It’s meditative and fun. Now, you might be thinking, “That sounds great, but I can’t do that. I don’t have any talent and I have no idea what to do.” Well, you may not know what to do, but you don’t need talent. All you need is the guidance and practice. You CAN play drums, and we can help.

In fact, at BANG! The Drum School, we’ve helped hundreds of new drummers just like you learn to play. One of the ways we do that is with our Absolute Beginners Group Class. In the class, you’ll meet other aspiring drummers and get all the information you'll need to begin drumming the right way right away! We’ve done all the research; we’ve written the book (which you get to keep for free); all you have to do is show up and learn.

Right now, you can sign up for February's Monday evening or Saturday afternoon classes. Click the button below for more information, dates, and to sign up. But hurry, these classes sell out.

Our Philosophy — Anyone can play drums, and everyone is welcome.

About a year before BANG! The Drum School came into existence, I visited a friend who was an Assistant Professor of drum set performance at one of the world's most famous music schools.

During that visit, I met a bunch of the professors, and I was struck by the confrontational, competitive and arrogant attitude that existed at the school. There was tension in the air; a stress among the students about their playing and how they were perceived by one another and their teachers. They were hugely competitive.

In short, the energy at this famous music school was full of negativity and stress. I wasn't even a student there and the vibe got me all stressed out! I had been thinking about opening a school for drumming and my trip gave me an idea. I was going to make sure that BANG! The Drum School would be the opposite of what I experienced there.

I decided then that we were going to be the place where anyone was welcome and where there was no attitude. You can be young or old or anywhere in between. You can be a professional drummer or have never touched a pair of sticks. You can have lofty goals or just want to see what drumming is like. It doesn't matter. All we care about here is that you are interested in drumming. All that matters is that drumming matters to you for some reason. All that matters is that you are excited about drums.

No teacher will ever look down their nose at you with an attitude here. No one will ever scoff at you for taking too long to understand something. All of our teachers have a happy, positive and encouraging attitude and have a huge amount of patience. They have to, or they can't teach at BANG!

All of our teachers love drumming more than almost anything else and they exude that energy when they teach. We all love drumming so much that we want to give some of that to you so that you can experience the joy that we've experienced behind the drum set.

This is all we do, and we love doing it.

Come to us and find out for yourself how much fun drumming can be.

See you soon,

Mark Feldman
BANG! The Drum School