Never Played Drums? Want to Learn?

Group Drum Lessons NYC

Imagine. You come home from work, enter your apartment and go straight to your electronic drum kit. You pick up your drumsticks, sit down on your drum stool, and start playing some of your favorite beats. All of your troubles melt away as you get lost in your drumming. Eventually, you look at your watch and you realize that you’ve been playing for over an hour! What?! How did that happen? It seemed like just a few minutes since you sat down. And now you feel so good!

Sound good? That’s what drumming is like! It’s freeing, meditative, relaxing, physical and fun! You’ve wanted to learn drumming for a long time, haven’t you? Why wait?

We have two ways to help you:

1) Our Absolute Beginner’s Group Class was created with the total beginner in mind. If you’ve never played before, (and maybe you’re a little nervous about trying drumming out as an adult) and if you have no idea where to start, this class is for you.

Our highly acclaimed Absolute Beginners Group Class has a multitude of five star reviews on both Google and Yelp. And at just $36 per hour of class, it’s our most economical way to begin learning the drums. Let us unlock the secrets of drumming for you. Why not learn at the place where hundreds of beginners have discovered the blissful feeling that comes from playing the drums?

We’re accepting students for September¬†group classes right now. Hurry, because the classes sell quickly and there are only 5 spots in each class. Don’t delay.

For more info on the group class, including dates and times, and to sign up now, click below:


2) Private Lessons – in our 45 minute private lessons, you’ll work one-on-one with our friendly, knowledgeable and patient instructors. You can start from square one, or if you already play, you can start at what ever level you’re at and move forward. We have many students of all ages and skill levels who study privately at BANG.

For more info about our private lessons, or to purchase your first lesson now, click below:

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