Group Drum Lessons NYC

Imagine. You come home from work and go to your drum kit. You pick up your sticks and start playing. Your troubles melt away as you get lost in your drumming. Eventually, you look at your watch–you’ve been playing for over an hour! It seemed like just a few minutes since you sat down. And now you feel great! Sound good? That’s what drumming is like!

You’ve wanted to learn drumming for a long time, haven’t you? Why wait?

Our highly acclaimed Absolute Beginners Group Class will teach you, step-by-step, how to play drums even if you’ve never played before and even if you think you have no talent. Let us unlock the secrets of drumming for you.

We’re accepting students for October group classes right now. Hurry, because the classes SELL OUT quickly and there are only 5 spots in each class. Don’t delay. For more info on the group class, including dates and times, and to sign up now :