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Group Drum Lessons NYC

Our Absolute Beginners Group Class Will Guide You.

Imagine. You come home from work, enter your apartment and go straight to your electronic drum kit. You pick up your drumsticks, sit down on your drum stool, and start playing some of your favorite beats. All of your troubles melt away as you get lost in your drumming. Eventually, you look at your watch and you realize that you’ve been playing for over an hour! What?! How did that happen? It seemed like just a few minutes since you sat down. And now you feel so good!

Sound good? That’s what drumming is like! It’s freeing, meditative, relaxing, physical and fun! You’ve wanted to learn drumming for a long time, haven’t you? Why wait? Our Absolute Beginner’s Group Class was created with you–the beginner— in mind. If you’ve never played before, (and maybe you’re a little nervous about trying drumming out as an adult) and if you have no idea where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Yup, you’ve stumbled upon NYC’s favorite place for drum lessons.

BANG The Drum School Five Stars on YELP

Our highly acclaimed Absolute Beginners Group Class has a multitude of five star reviews on both Google and Yelp. And at just $36 per hour of class, it’s our most economical way to begin learning the drums. Let us unlock the secrets of drumming for you. Why not learn at the place where hundreds of beginners have discovered the blissful feeling that comes from playing the drums?

We’re accepting students for our August 23rd and two different September classes right now. But, hurry, because the classes usually sell out and there are only 5 spots in each class. In fact, our 8/23 class has only 2 spots left, and the Saturday September class has only 3 spots left.

For more info, dates and times, and to sign up:

Who We Are / What We Offer

We offer 45 minute Private Drum Lessons to drum students of all abilities and ages. Our minimum age requirement is 7 years old. Our maximum age? There is none, and we’ve taught students in almost every decade of their lives from 20’s to 70’s. We’ve taught beginners who have never touched a stick and advised and taught professional touring and recording drummers too. Want to know about our private lessons? Read More Here.

We also offer a long-running group class for adult beginners called The Absolute Beginners Group Class. There is a lot more information about that class here on the home page, or you can Read More Here.

Our Reviews: The Best In NYC
It’s true. We’ve got more five star reviews on YELP, Google and Facebook than anyone else in NY who is offering to teach you how to play drums. That’s got to mean something, right? We’re getting close to 100 right now…

Our Philosophy: Drumming is Joy
We’re a place where young or old, female or male, are welcome. Where those who have never touched a pair of sticks feel comfortable. Where children and adults learn from enthusiastic and patient teachers in a fun way. Where some students have lofty goals and some just want to see what drumming is like. We have a real, true, open door policy. The reason? We believe that “Drumming is Joy,” and we want to share that joy with anyone who wants to experience it.

Our Physical Space: Beautiful
BANG’s studios align with our school’s philosophy. Our studios are beautiful; bright, clean and cheery, with great sounding drums and equipment. We’re the only place in NYC with our own beautiful gut renovated multi-studio facility, complete with a comfy waiting room. It’s a gorgeous drumming nirvana. See that photo above? That’s Studio 1 at BANG’s facility. It’s nice here!

Our Teachers: Our Greatest Asset (and yours)
But MOST importantly–we have the BEST teachers! They are all professional drummers with deep teaching experience and top-notch educations…

Schedule Your Free Trial Lesson

Ok, so you’ve had a look around and you think we might be the right place.  But, you want to be sure.  We get that.  Come visit us and we’ll show you around and give you a free 30 minute trial lesson.   Just hit that red button to get started!


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