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RLRLF: a Unique 5 Note Drum Fill and Soloing Idea

Welcome to Nasty Drum Lick #137, an idea based on a five note phrase. I’ve been using this idea for a while; it’s simple, just RLRLF. That’s four notes with your hands followed by one with your bass drum. Putting your foot before the hands is fine too; it’s really the same lick either way. […]

How to Make High Quality Drum Videos for Social Media

Introduction/Overview Over the past year or so, I’ve been spending some significant time working on making my drumming videos better. I was doing OK (not great) with what I was doing originally, but the quality needed an upgrade. As soon as one of my drummer friends said, “your content is good, but the audio quality […]

Why Do My Hands Want to Follow My Bass Drum Foot? (and what to do about it)

One of the questions I often hear from beginners is about independence. In the very beginning of your drumming journey, the required separation between your hands and feet is pretty straight forward. I’m referring to your very first eighth note rock beats where your hi-hat pattern always lines up with the bass drum. To progress, […]