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Drum Lesson Gift Certificate

Want To Give A Gift That Really Makes Them Smile?

If you want to give a gift that’s going to stand out from the crowd, our Drum Lesson Gift Certificates are the way to go.  When you give the gift of drumming, you’re guaranteed to make them smile.   A sweater?  Yawn.  A tie?  Double yawn.  But drums?  Yes!

Our Gift Certificates will be emailed to you as an awesome-looking PDF, totally presentable to your intended gift recipient.

Want to make your gift-giving easy? Just click the buy button on a gift certificate and we’ll email you in 24 hours! Easy!

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Drumming is Joy.

Group Drum Lessons NYC

Imagine. You’ve been taking drum lessons. You come home from work, go to your drum kit and start playing. Your troubles melt away as you get lost in your drumming. Eventually, you look at your watch–you’ve been playing for over an hour! It seemed like just a few minutes since you sat down. And now you feel great! Sound good? That’s what drumming is like!

Our highly acclaimed Absolute Beginners Group Class will teach you, step-by-step, how to play drums even if you’ve never played before.

We’re accepting students for January group classes right now. Hurry, because the classes SELL OUT quickly. For more info including dates and times, and to sign up now :


The Drumming Blog

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Nasty Drum Lick #118 | Reverse Triplets Roundhouse

This Nasty lick goes around the drums counter-clockwise as 16th note triplets. It takes advantage of a great three note grouping as single strokes that allows you to move back and forth on the toms. Combined with a paradiddle-diddle, the lick becomes one that you can blaze around the drums … [Read More...]

5 Amazing Paradiddle Based Drum Solo Combinations in 6/8

I know this title is a mouthful. But it says what this post is all about. I've been working on some ideas for a solo section in a song where the band plays a vamp in 6/8 and I get to solo over it. The tempo is about 160 bpm. And I want to be able to SHRED this. The way to shred at this … [Read More...]