Nasty Drum Lick 103

This time, we’re going to another LEVEL5 show where we’ll dissect a fill that I really like.

It’s a thirty-second note idea, played pretty fast and it involves a double stroke roll with some accents thrown in on the floor tom and bass drum. Let’s check it out by looking at the video below. The video starts with a groove and then at about 8 seconds in, I play the fill.

OK, so what am I doing there? Well, one way so see it and hear it a little more easily is to slow it down. I’ve made a second version of the video for you that includes the same content as the video above, but at 3/4 speed. Check it out below.

A bit easier to understand, now, right? But, to really understand it, here’s the PDF with the idea transcribed, note for note, including the sticking: nasty drum lick 103

Print it out and have a look at the videos again with the transcription in hand.

And now, see if you can work it out in the shed!

Hope you like this one.