The Gift

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Here is my gift to you.  It’s a little motivational video that I think can help you.  The mental exercise I describe in the video did–in fact–literally change my life.

I don’t want to steal my own thunder so I’m not going to tell you that much more about it, except that I stumbled upon it when I was going through a bit of a tough time.

My path was not the one it is now.  I was playing drums, but not enough.   I was doing OK, but I thought I could be doing better.

I was making a living, but it didn’t feel like I was flourishing.  It wasn’t clear to me that I was on the right path.

But how was I supposed to figure out what the right thing was?  How would I know what to do?

Are any of you in a situation like this?  Could you benefit from a little help?

Well, that is my gift to you for the season.  It’s a great mental exercise, and it truly changed my life.  You can check it all out in the video. And if you want to jump directly to the part in the video where I explain the exercise itself and how to do it, just go to to 4:12 in the video, which is below.