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9 Bass Drum Double Stroke Grooves

This post gives you a set of 9 exercises that you can use to practice working on two notes in a row with your single bass drum pedal. I’ve written about bass drum double strokes before. For reference, here are two articles, each with additional exercises: “9 Exercises to Build Bass Drum Double Strokes” “9 […]

The Evolution of your Drumming Technique

How Do You Measure Drumming Success?

Recently, I’ve been making some significant changes to my technique. Continually obsessed with getting better, I’ve found that technique is one of the most–if not THE most–effective ways of adding new tricks to my repertoire as a player. Seems obvious perhaps, but the notion escapes many. Raising your drumming game by improving technique is extremely […]

9 More Exercises To Build Bass Drum Double Strokes

One of the most popular posts on this blog is 9 Exercises To Build Bass Drum Double Strokes. I wrote that page of exercises a few years back in order to help give some structure to drummers who are working on doubles with one bass drum. To follow up with some more exercises, I put […]

GearHead: Perfect Balance Bass Drum Pedal 2

Now that I’ve had this pedal for a couple of weeks, I wanted to share some more of my thoughts. If you are a jazzer, and if you’ve been struggling with heel down double strokes on your bass drum pedal, this is the answer. You are still going to have to practice your ass off […]