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Beginner Drummers Discussion Forum

The Group The only place like it online–The Beginner Drummers Forum–is a Facebook group where beginners can go and ask any questions without fear of being teased or called a “noob.” It’s a safe space for learning and asking for critique of your playing. There truly is no other place like it online. You’ll find […]

Beginner Drummers: Focus on These 5 Things

Beginner Drummers

Achieving success in any endeavor requires focus and learning the drums is no different. Focusing on the right things–especially at the beginning–is truly important. Focus is something that I’ve read about and written about frequently because I sometimes struggle with it myself. There are many drumming ideas, techniques, and skills that excite me. And therein […]

12 Beginner Drum Fills

Just Updated with New Video! Experienced drummers are always saying that the groove is the main thing. That’s true. Having a great feel when you play beats is non-negotiable, but you still have to be able to play some cool fills when the time is right. One of the most common questions I get from […]

Introduction to the Hi-Hat Part One

Hi Everyone! Today we’re going to work on hi-hat technique. It’s not something I see the drum teaching community writing about or teaching much, but it is a very important skill for beginners that should not be overlooked. In this lesson, I want to give you the tools to work on getting the hi-hat’s open […]