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Clave Independence using Kim Plainfield’s “Advanced Concepts”

Kim Plainfield Advanced Concepts

Yes, I’m still obsessed with clave, among other things. In this post, I’m continuing the work with clave in the cymbal hand and the baiao pattern with the bass drum. The goal is independence; I’d like to be able to play anything I want with my left hand. By the way, there is much more […]

20 Clave Independence Exercises

I’ve been working on clave independence (with my cymbal hand, not my left foot) for a long time now. When I first starting thinking about working on it, I thought it might be close to impossible to get real freedom with it. I see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel […]

15 Exercises To Develop Clave Independence

UPDATE: Video Added! I’ve been messing with clave independence for a while now. If you’re interested in getting into this, be forewarned–it’s going to take a lot of time to get this independence to a point where it will be useful. It’s pretty difficult. But, as with all drumming stuff, time will yield rewards. Nothing’s […]

Clave Funk Drumming Groove 1

In the further pursuit of all things clave, here is a groove I cooked up the other night while practicing. I think there’s something to it. The video is below, followed by a PDF with the transcription. It’s tricky, but fun. You can download the PDF of the groove’s transcription here: clave funk groove one