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The Thinking Drummer: An Introduction To Practicing

Practice is the single most important focus for any drummer seriously seeking to develop competence at their instrument. This might seem obvious to some of you reading this. If so, good. A small part of the battle is just understanding this. Based on my experience both as a drummer devoted to practicing, and as a […]

The Thinking Drummer: The Funeral Exercise

How Do You Measure Drumming Success?

About seven years ago, I found myself at a crossroads. Although I had been playing drums since I was a teenager and had accomplished a lot as a professional drummer, I had diverted from the musician’s life in order to make money when I was nearing an age where one is supposed to “grow-up.” I […]

The Thinking Drummer: On Practice & Patience

I went to a drum lesson on Monday. It had been six months since my last one, which felt like a long time to me, especially since I’ve been spending almost all of my practice time on a single skill: my jazz ride cymbal technique. My first lesson with my teacher–the great John Riley–was in […]

Drum Lessons For Kids: Focus on Fun!

FUN IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. Recently, here at BANG! The Drum School, we’ve been giving more and more drum lessons to younger kids and we’ve noticed that teaching them has a new set of challenges. The kids we teach are usually no younger than seven years old, but even at that age, their […]