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12 Double Bass Drum Hand/Foot Triplet Exercises

Double Bass Drum Exercises

I think I’m solidly back in double bass drum land. Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while may have seen me see-saw a bit on this topic. One week I’m swearing off double bass (I did that for a few years when I was obsessed with Keith Carlock) and the next […]

12 Advanced Double Bass Drum Exercises

12 Double Bass Drum Exercises

If you have some experience playing double bass, then you’re probably familiar with this classic idea: Note that the sticking on the above is: right hand on the floor tom, right foot, left foot. It’s a solid piece of drumming vocabulary and one of my favorite double bass ideas, but I wanted to see if […]

On Double Bass Drumming

I’ve experimented with playing a double pedal for over twenty years. My facility with it, and my commitment to the technique is nothing compared to the masters. Frankly, the only drummer on the planet whom I consider to be a true master of double bass is Virgil Donati. There are many great double bass drummers, […]