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Variations on the Foot-Right-Left Drum Lick as 32nd Notes

Welcome to Nasty Lick #69. The more comfortable I get with a drumming pattern or idea, the more variations occur to me. This simple three note pattern is one of my favorites. If you are a regular reader of the blog, you probably know that the paradiddle-diddle is another favorite of mine. Foot-Right-Left as triplets […]

A Paradiddle-diddle 32nd Note Drum Lick

Presenting Nasty Lick #68–another interesting and cool sounding way to use paradiddle-diddles as 32nd notes. In this case, the idea also includes two bass drum notes, but not in the usual place. At least, it doesn’t sound “usual” to my ears. And I like that. Another nuance is that the two bass drum notes are […]

King Cadence: A Philly Joe Jones Inspired Eight Bar Break

Back when I was shedding a lot of Philly Joe Jones and Vinnie Ruggiero stuff, I started writing out some cadences that came to me while practicing. What strikes me as I look over this material again is how musical it is. The phrases have space and are syncopated in that traditional jazz type of […]

A Vinnie Colaiuta Inspired Triplet Lick

Here, in “Nasty Lick #67,” we have a Vinnie inspired idea that sounds different because of the placement of accents in the context of 16th note triplets. Many experienced drummers are used to hearing the placement of accents in a 16th note triplet context based on our use of six stroke rolls or paradiddle-diddles. What […]