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Nasty Drum Lick 114

Here’s Nasty Drum Lick #114. It’s a five note grouping (RLRLF) applied to 16th note triplets. In this online drum lesson, we’ll look at a video of me playing the lick with my band, LEVEL5. There is also a complete note-for-note transcription of the lick so you can learn it. I recommend that you print […]

Philly Joe Jones’ Nasty Lick #109 with Revised Sticking

Philly Joe Jones: "Nasty Lick #109 Revised"

Drumming is a journey. That means things change. I am frequently finding new ways to do things that I already play. When it comes to my drumming, I’m always tweaking my technique, my vocabulary and my philosophy. This article is the result of that kind of flexibility. I recently re-discovered a sticking that works really […]

Nasty Drum Lick 113: Five’s and Three’s

Sometimes you stumble upon an idea that feels so easy to play that you know it’s “right.” That’s what happened for me with this one. This is really just a combination of two ideas I’ve been using a lot, although I haven’t combined them until now. The two ideas I’m talking about are “RLRLF” and […]

5 Steps To Great Drum Fills

Have you ever found yourself sick of the same old drum fills you’ve been playing? Want to find something new? Try using this system. It’s a process that will yield interesting ideas that you would not have just made up on the spot. Some of these ideas will sound awesome. Some will not sound so […]