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Drum Lessons For Kids: 3 Fun Ideas

Kids Love Drums and It's Our Job To Keep It That Way. Drumming Games In my last article on this topic, I wrote about how we’ve been using games to get kids excited about learning drumming. These games work; we’ve been continuing to use them with younger students. You can read that first article here: [...]

4 Easy Steps To Your 2nd Drum Beat

Last time we worked on the very first drum beat you should learn if you want to play rock drums. Today, it’s beat #2… If you are a drum teacher who wants an easy way to teach a newbie to play a great drum beat, or if you are a newbie yourself, this article is […]

4 Easy Steps To Your First Drum Beat

This article is for beginners, or for drum instructors who want a quick way to teach an absolute beginner to play a drum beat right away. Follow the four steps listed below, and you will be playing your very first drum beat in short order. Allow me to explain a couple of things first. We […]

A Drum Lesson Game For Kids and Beginners

Here is a simple game to try. It will give some structure to your practicing and help your drumming (of course, because you’ll be practicing). The game will help improve your concentration, reading and groove. It is meant for beginners and or kids. Take a page of beat exercises you’ve been working on….good examples would […]