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7 Fills From John Bonham

Welcome back to the BANG! The Drum School blog. Today, I’m posting a worksheet of 7 fills from none other than the grandaddy of rock drumming himself, John Bonham. If you’re new to drumming and you don’t know about Bonham, I urge you to check him out. Most, if not all, of today’s rock drummers […]

9 Essential Jazz Independence Exercises

No doubt about it, Jim Chapin’s ground-breaking book, Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer, is an important tool for a beginning jazz drummer. I worked my way through a lot of it when I was first trying to learn jazz. However, I do think there are parts of the book that are confusing, and I […]

Tumbao Bass Drum Independence Part One

The Tumbao bass drum pattern is a common figure, frequenty played by the drummer to match the rhythm of the bassist when playing Latin music. In this version of the pattern the bass drum plays on beat one, the “a” of beat one and on the “and” of beat two. The pattern repeats again on […]

How To Blaze The Ride Cymbal

John Riley Ride Cymbal Technique Lesson

RIDE CYMBAL TECHNIQUE: MY OBSESSION Since I’ve been obsessed with jazz ride cymbal technique for the better part of a year, I thought I should write and talk about the little journey I’ve been taking. This year alone I spent several hundred hours working on this technique (at least 400). I’m embarrassed to mention how […]