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Want to Sound Like Keith Carlock? Try This Drum Lick.

Want to Sound Like Keith Carlock? Try This Lick.

There was a good year or so that I was obsessed with Keith Carlock’s drumming. And who could blame me? Keith has got it all: a killer pocket, chops for days, and a truly unique sound. There is a particular lick that Keith plays a lot, and I’ve written about that before. You can find […]

A Six-Stroke Roll and a Linear Drumming Idea Walk Into a Bar…

Welcome to “Nasty Drum Licks” #124 and #125. The six-stroll roll in this lesson refers to the left-handed version (LRRLLR) and the linear idea is something I’ve been playing for a while now (FLRLFR). I came up with the linear thing as a way to play something kind of slick-sounding while grooving on the hi-hat, […]

Nasty Lick 38

Mark Feldman performing with MANCIE

Are you ready? I am about to give you one of my Nastiest of the Nasty Licks!!! Nasty Lick #38 is one of my favorites. It pretty much ALWAYS gets a reaction. Just check out the screams from the audience when I launch into it in the video below. It’s a live video of my […]

Nasty Drum Lick 112: A Cool Vinnie Colaiuta-ish Triplet Thang

Here I present to you an idea that combines some stuff I’ve heard Vinnie play with my own stuff. It’s simply a six-stroke roll with a little hand/foot combo thrown in. The way I like to use it has a “three-beat” kind of feel, which makes it sound cool and flowing. I’m offering you both […]