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A Six-Stroke Roll and a Linear Drumming Idea Walk Into a Bar…

Welcome to “Nasty Drum Licks” #124 and #125. The six-stroll roll in this lesson refers to the left-handed version (LRRLLR) and the linear idea is something I’ve been playing for a while now (FLRLFR). I came up with the linear thing as a way to play something kind of slick-sounding while grooving on the hi-hat, […]

The Ultimate Monster Drum Lick?

The Ultimate Monster Drum Lick?

I know that “The Ultimate Monster Drum Lick” is a pretty provocative title. And I’m actually not particularly prone to hyperbole. But this idea, even at the stage I am at with it–which is admittedly early on my journey to master it–has so much power and holds so much promise for incredible speed and power, […]

5 Amazing Paradiddle Based Drum Solo Combinations in 6/8

Newly Revised and Updated! I know this title is a mouthful. But it says what this post is all about. I’ve been working on some ideas for a solo section in a song where the band plays a vamp in 6/8 and I get to solo over it. The tempo is about 160 bpm. And […]

Nasty Drum Lick #119 | Duh-Ga-Duh-Ga-Duh-Ga-DaaaaaH

NEW VIDEO ADDED! Welcome back to the wonderful world of Nasty Drum Licks. Today we’re going to check out a really cool sounding idea that is based on 32nd notes. It combines double strokes or paradiddle-diddles with a hand foot pattern: FRLRLF. This hand/foot pattern is something I’ve heard Dave Dicenso play, and it’s something […]