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Nasty Drum Lick 98: A Slick 32nd Note Groove Idea

Online Drum Lessons--Nasty Drum Lick 98

First, the VIDEO! If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ll know that I love slick little licks that I can throw into a groove. I’ve written about these kinds of ideas before. For example: Nasty Lick 44: Yuda Variation Nasty Lick 43: Vinnie on Joe’s Garage 5 Killin 32nd Note Drum Groove Soloing […]

Combining Drumming Vocabulary: The Road to Improvisation Part One

the road to drumming improvisation combining drumming vocabulary

Improvisation has always been a mysterious topic for me. The information available on it, at least in the drumming education world, seems far from definitive. The video at the bottom of this post will hopefully help a bit with some of that understanding, at least as it relates to drumming improvisation. If you went to […]

RLRLF: a Unique 5 Note Drum Fill and Soloing Idea

Welcome to Nasty Drum Lick #137, an idea based on a five note phrase. I’ve been using this idea for a while; it’s simple, just RLRLF. That’s four notes with your hands followed by one with your bass drum. Putting your foot before the hands is fine too; it’s really the same lick either way. […]

Counter Clockwise Drumming with Nasty Drum Lick #136

I really like the sound of drums going low to high. The lick I’m offering to you today is an example of that. It’s a new one and I’m pretty certain it’s going into my current notebook of “permanent” vocabulary (yes, I have a notebook like that…You can read more about that here: Your Notebook […]