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Rudimental Drumming Exercises #1 | Singles and Doubles Warm-Up

Rudimental Drumming Exercises 1: Singles and Doubles

I’ve been stuck without my drum set again for a couple of months because of this COVID situation. The silver lining in no drum set is that I’m getting obsessive about my hands. Pad work every day. I’ve been looking into rudimental exercises and checking out other people’s warm-ups and practice routines. I wanted to […]

Drum Rudiments | Stick Logic #4 | The Inverted Paradiddle Waltz

So, as I write this, I’m still in “lockdown.” My wife and I fled NYC when the numbers started to get really scary and now I’m holed-up in a house on Cape Cod with no drums. But, I DO have a pad and I’ve been using it. One of the things I decided to do […]

Drum Rudiments | Stick Logic #3 | The Four Stroke Bounce

Welcome to “Stick Logic #3,” where we’ll work on a little piece that includes both the four-stroke ruff and the single drag. It’s a fun piece to play. I am certain that this came to me like this as a direct result of my working on Philly Joe Jones solos a ways back. I don’t […]

Drum Rudiments | Stick Logic #2 | The Paradiddle-Diddle March

Here’s the 2nd installment of the new hand technique & drum rudiment series called “Stick Logic.” In this series, I’m going to get through all the rudiments, but do so by giving you études/musical pieces to work on. I always found it more interesting to work on pieces rather than just patterns. For example, the […]