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Sonny Emory Complete Transcription of “Master at Work” Drum Solo

Every since I first watched this solo, I’ve been obsessed. It’s masterful. It’s become one of my favorite drum solos of all-time. I’m guessing many of you might agree. My friend Tim Buell transcribed it for me. Do you know Tim? Not only is he one of Nashville’s best drummers (and teachers), but he is […]

Combining Drumming Vocabulary: The Road to Improvisation Part One

the road to drumming improvisation combining drumming vocabulary

Improvisation has always been a mysterious topic for me. The information available on it, at least in the drumming education world, seems far from definitive. The video at the bottom of this post will hopefully help a bit with some of that understanding, at least as it relates to drumming improvisation. If you went to […]

Instagram Drummer Justin Scott Transcription

I’ve been enjoying the fertile drumming ground of Instagram.  There are lots of great drummers to discover there and one of my favorites is Justin Scott. He is a chops-heavy player; much of his content is him soloing or playing densely complex grooves. I’ve transcribed one of his videos–watch it below. And check out the […]

How to Play a Drum Solo: the One Secret Nobody’s Telling You

how to play a drum solo: the one secret nobody's telling you

Many drummers love drum solos. Do you? We often revere those who play them well. Yes, any drummer who understands their role in music will believe in the power of groove, but many (dare I say most?) also covet the ability to solo. There are many steps a drummer must take in order to develop […]