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Drum Solo Ostinatos: The Left Hand “E-And” Part One

In this post, you’ll find a PDF to help you work on a really cool and useful ostinato that you can use in your drum solos. I call it “The Left Hand E-And” because the left hand plays the middle two 16th note figures on the hi-hat, while the left foot plays quarter notes by […]

NYC’s own, Shariq Tucker Wins Guitar Center’s 26th Drum Off

On January 17th, 2015, the five finalists in Guitar Center’s Drum Off gathered in Los Angeles for a final show down. Shariq Tucker, 22, brought home the trophy this year. I was at the semi-finals in the new Times Square Guitar Center store, where Shariq competed against four others winners in the Northeastern division of […]

Incredible Drum Solo by Dave DiCenso

Part of my job with this blog is to be a curator. In that role, I want to share things with you that I think are excellent, inspiring and push the limits of the art form of drumming. Here is one such example. Dave DiCenso. Do you know him? Perhaps his most well known gig […]

Colaiuta Drum Solo Transcription: “Indian Time Zones”

“Indian Time Zones” appears on Warren Cuccurullo’s 1996 album, “Thanks To Frank.” The tune is in 5/4 and Vinnie Colaiuta takes an eight bar drum solo on the track. My favorite part of the solo is the 2nd half. A transcription of those last four bars is presented here. The 2nd half of the solo […]