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Drum Solos You Can Play #1

Drummers sometimes ask, “how do I play a drum solo?” The honest answer is that you get better at playing drum solos by actually playing them. Now, before you get pissed off at my seemingly obvious answer, here is how you can do that. You need some source material to begin. That’s what I”m providing […]

Vinnie Colaiuta “Heavy Resin” Drum Solo Transcription

If you’re a Vinnie fan, you probably know this solo. It kills. Here’s a transcription for you to dig into. There are many great ideas here. Willie Rose used his considerable skills to transcribe it. Have at it! Here is the PDF: Heavy Resin Drum Solo Transcription PS – Imagine that you could regularly get […]

LEVEL5 Drum Solo Transcriptions

LEVEL5 Drum Solo Transcription

In one of LEVEL5’s tunes, “Opus One,” there is a drum break section. You can check it out in the video below. Just in case you find any of the ideas I play in the video appealing, I’ve transcribed the drum breaks for you. First, here’s the video: Now here’s the PDF with the transcriptions: […]

Drum Solo Ostinatos: The Left Hand “E-And” Part One

In this post, you’ll find a PDF to help you work on a really cool and useful ostinato that you can use in your drum solos. I call it “The Left Hand E-And” because the left hand plays the middle two 16th note figures on the hi-hat, while the left foot plays quarter notes by […]