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An Interview with Drummer Mike Clark

Swing, Wisdom, and Perseverance from the seminal jazz and funk pioneer. Mike Clark gained fame throughout the drumming community during his tenure with Herbie Hancock in the early 1970s, most notably because of his tight, syncopated, and innovative grooves on the album Thrust. But that hardly scratches the surface of his extensive output throughout the […]

An Interview with Kenny Grohowski

Deep advice from one of New York’s busiest and most diverse sticksmen. Kenny Grohowski’s somewhat eclectic resume could feel virtually endless. A brief survey of the Brooklyn-based drummer’s current active output includes touring and recording projects with Felix Pastorious’ Hipster Assassins; the costume-clad black death-metal band Imperial Triumphant; the prolific avant-garde composer John Zorn; the […]

An Interview with Adam Nussbaum

The warm, sensitive, accommodating jazz mainstay offers a sincere glimpse into his world and his music. Adam Nussbaum’s credits abound. The seasoned jazz stickman’s output includes records with the late jazz-fusion guitar master John Abercrombie, the late saxophonist and composer Michael Brecker, jazz-rock guitar monster John Scofield, and the late jazz piano legend and composer […]

Jojo Mayer On Greatness

This quote pretty much nails the big picture of how to conceptualize what a drummer needs in order to be a great player. We’re not talking about skills. Yes, you need to learn to read rhythmic notation and gain technique. Yes, you need to study and gain multi limbed independence. Yes, you have to learn […]