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Steve Gadd On Groove

In the latest DrumSpeak, Steve talks about groove and how his jazz background, combined with the music that was popular while he was coming up helped define his sound. There is a lot of great information here, soak it up. Below, the interview with Gadd from Modern Drummer online (July 1, 2005). MD: I was […]

DrumSpeak: Dave Elitch

I just picked up the latest (March/April 2013) copy of DRUMHEAD, which contains a great story on Dave Elitch. Dave is probably best known from his playing with Mars Volta, but he is not just a prog guy. These two quotes from the article peaked my interest, because you don’t hear about this side of […]

DrumSpeak: Neil Peart on Drum Lessons with Peter Erskine

Introduction Given that BANG! is, in fact, a drum school, I thought it appropriate that the story below is published here on our blog. Neil Peart, who has very directly helped me in my career as a drummer, and whose drumset, “Chromey,” has had a real impact on my ability to expand BANG! The Drum […]

DrumSpeak: Vinnie Colaiuta

This marks a new feature, “DrumSpeak,” where we get some great thoughts from the words of great drummers… “As a teenager I could assimilate information quickly but, what I didn’t realize until later is that you have to let that information gestate. When you’re young you think you’re a hot-shot, ready for everything because you’ve […]