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Elvin Jones 1968 New Yorker Interview

A friend just sent me this interview with Elvin from May of 1968. An amazing interview and article written by Whitney Balliett. Necessary Reading. Here’s the PDF: Elvin Jones New Yorker 1968

Elvin Jones Thesis by Barry Elmes

Why wouldn’t you want to check out a thesis on Elvin Jones? Exactly what I thought. Here’s the link to over 200 pages on Mr. Jones: Elvin Jones Thesis PDF The writing is clear, the analysis is thoughtful and there are many useful transcriptions. Recommended.

Elvin Jones Transcription: “Digital Display”

Released in 1977, Elvin Jones’ “Time Capsule” album, on the Vanguard label, was a bit more fusion sounding than many of Elvin’s recordings. It’s definitely a jazz album, though, and Elvin’s swinging ride cymbal is very much on display (no pun intended) on the track “Digital Display.” The section of Elvin’s performance transcribed here is […]