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The Ghost Note Groove System 1, Part 1

The other night I played a gig and there was one groove I played that felt really good to me. I noticed that the people I was playing with were really digging it too. It was an Elton John tribute show and the tune was “Tiny Dancer.” The groove I played was definitely more Keith […]

Funk Translations for Ted Reed’s “Syncopation” Part 8

Funk Translations for Ted Reed's "Syncopation" part 8

No doubt you’ve read or heard about the many ways you can use the Exercises #1 through 9 in the “Syncopation” book. These are the page long exercises that appear on pages 37 through 45. Many consider Exercises 1 through 9 to be the “meat” of the book. Most of the uses that I see […]

Ghost Note Central

This week, a student asked me for some exercises to work on ghost notes. Ghost notes, if you aren’t familiar with them, are very quiet notes played on the snare drum. They give your grooves some peaks and valleys and help make things extra funky. The key to making your beats sound great when adding […]