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Half-Time Shuffle Groove Deception with Variations

I recently saw Dennis Chambers play with Oz Noy and Wayne Krantz. During one of Dennis’ drum solos, he started playing grooves that seemed to be in a completely different tempo than what Oz and the rest of the band were vamping on. You’ve probably heard this kind of drumming before. The idea has many […]

Groove Deception 2: Superimposing 6/8 Over 4/4

Groove Deception 2: Superimposing 6/8 Over 4/4

In my playing with my band LEVEL5, I’ve been experimenting with ways to add tension and help build the drama or intensity of my other band members’ solos. One way I’ve found to do this is to play something that is rhythmically interesting and “in the pocket” but that is still “off kilter.” Superimposing 6/8 […]

Groove Deception 1

I have a love/hate relationship with beat displacement and “rhythmic illusions.” For those of you who are not familiar with these ideas, they are methods of presenting grooves that make the listener believe that what they are hearing is either slower or faster than the original groove, or in a different time signature, or even […]