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5 Amazing Paradiddle Based Drum Solo Combinations in 6/8

Newly Revised and Updated! I know this title is a mouthful. But it says what this post is all about. I’ve been working on some ideas for a solo section in a song where the band plays a vamp in 6/8 and I get to solo over it. The tempo is about 160 bpm. And […]

Variations on the Foot-Right-Left Drum Lick as 32nd Notes

Welcome to Nasty Lick #69. The more comfortable I get with a drumming pattern or idea, the more variations occur to me. This simple three note pattern is one of my favorites. If you are a regular reader of the blog, you probably know that the paradiddle-diddle is another favorite of mine. Foot-Right-Left as triplets […]

The New Independence – 16th Note Hand Foot Combos Part One

Here’s a new spin on independence. The idea is to develop the same type of facility against a steady eighth note cymbal pattern that a jazz drummer has playing with the ride cymbal’s jazz pattern. Jazz drummers create conversations between their left hand and feet while playing the “classic” jazz cymbal pattern. I want to […]

Nasty Lick 51

This lick is based on a five note pattern: three hands and two feet (right, left, right, foot, foot). I’ve used this primarily as a sixteenth note based idea, but recently I started experimenting with applying it as 16th note triplets. I like how this sounds when it’s played fast: ie in the neighborhood of […]