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Nasty Lick 47 A

Think of this one as an addendum to my previous post, Nasty Lick 47. The basis is still the five note pattern: Right Left Right Foot Foot. However, I was practicing today and I came up with a new way of ending the phrase, which I really like. That being said, I want you to […]

Pattern Control For Drumset: Introduction

The Concept of “Pattern Control” A large amount of musical vocabulary is created through the use of patterns. Much of the time, a great pattern is discovered by listening to our favorite musicians. Many of the best musicians have certain phrases or patterns that they use over and over again, sometimes in many different ways. […]

Nasty Lick 39

A Great Lick, Courtesy of A Great Rock Drummer, Eric SingerHere is a lick that I heard Eric Singer play with KISS. If you don’t know Eric Singer, check him out. A great drummer who is not as appreciated as he should be. Presenting Nasty Lick #39This is a variation on one of my favorite […]

Steve Gadd: Fours on “Jordu” Part 1

Get Ready for More Steve Gadd Licks Ever since I wrote the piece about Gadd’s playing with the Manhattan Jazz Quintet, I’ve been itching to give you my transcription of his fours from “Jordu.” Steve takes eight fours on the tune, which is from the “Autumn Leaves” album released in 1985. It turns out that […]