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Drumming Hand Technique: The Middle Finger Fulcrum is Better

Let’s talk about hand technique. For the purposes of this discussion, I am going to assume that you know a few basics: good drum technique requires a loose grip and tension free body motions the “meat and potatoes” motions of American matched grip come from a wrist motion that is much like your movements when […]

The One Simple Secret of Ghost Notes

The Secret of Ghost Notes

What Are Ghost Notes and Why Should You Care? Ghost notes are simply snare drum strokes/notes that are much lower in volume than your “backbeat” (“2” & “4”) drum stroke. These quieter notes are always tricky to learn, but once you get the different stroke heights into your muscle memory, things will get easier. Ghost […]

The Inverted 9 Stroke Roll

This highly useful rudiment inversion came about by necessity, like many inventions. I was working on some 32nd note soloing ideas and I had a few I liked. Unfortunately, the stickings were tricky and I was having trouble coming out of the phrases and landing on “1” (or other places, like the “and” of “1” […]

Yes, Drummers, Technique Is Important!

Recently, I wrote about drummers not wanting to learn how to read music and why I urge all drum students to learn rhythmic notation (Yes, Beginning Drummers, You Do Have To Learn To Read Music). Today I want to rant a bit about drummers who refuse to work on technique. Please don’t tell me that […]