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Inverted Paradiddle Control via Ted Reed’s Syncopation Part 1

Much has been said about the flexibility and usefulness of the classic drum book, “Syncopation.” There are many applications for the 9 pages of syncopation exercises that begin on page 37, and certainly, new possibilities will continue to be thought of by industrious and creative drummers. Recently, I discovered a great new way of using […]

Paradiddle Workout 1

This 10 measure exercise is wall-to-wall sixteenth note triplets–with accents–and it should help you build fluidity with paradiddles, paradiddle-diddles, six-stroke rolls, double paradiddles and some interesting variations on them. It will test your ability to lead with either your right or left hand, but just for fun, the exercise begins with left-hand lead. Below is […]

Drumming Hand Technique: The Middle Finger Fulcrum is Better

Let’s talk about hand technique. For the purposes of this discussion, I am going to assume that you know a few basics: good drum technique requires a loose grip and tension free body motions the “meat and potatoes” motions of American matched grip come from a wrist motion that is much like your movements when […]

The One Simple Secret of Ghost Notes

The Secret of Ghost Notes

What Are Ghost Notes and Why Should You Care? Ghost notes are simply snare drum strokes/notes that are much lower in volume than your “backbeat” (“2” & “4”) drum stroke. These quieter notes are always tricky to learn, but once you get the different stroke heights into your muscle memory, things will get easier. Ghost […]