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Avoid This Costly Mistake When Practicing Rudiments / Hand Technique

Here’s something I’ve been talking about a lot lately. And it’s because it’s critically important. And it is overlooked in a major way, particularly among beginners. One of the things I’ve noticed with some students, particularly beginners, is that they think that if they just put in a lot of hours practicing, their hands are […]

Improve Your Single Stroke Roll Speed with this Killer Exercise

If you want to improve your single stroke roll, this system, if practiced consistently, should help you immensely. A lot of what I share here on the blog is a result of my own practicing, gigging, and recording experience and this practice system is no exception. In addition to explaining the exercise, I’m offering you […]

How to Develop Facility with Inverted Paradiddles

I have been using Inverted Paradiddles in my playing for a long time. I’m pretty sure that I first became aware of them in the late ’80s when I was studying with Rick Considine at Drummer’s Collective in NYC. When Rick showed me how to use inverted paradiddles, the ease with which I could play […]

Rudimental Drumming Exercises #1 | Singles and Doubles Warm-Up

Rudimental Drumming Exercises 1: Singles and Doubles

I’ve been stuck without my drum set again for a couple of months because of this COVID situation. The silver lining in no drum set is that I’m getting obsessive about my hands. Pad work every day. I’ve been looking into rudimental exercises and checking out other people’s warm-ups and practice routines. I wanted to […]