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How to Play the Disco Groove | Online Drum Lesson

Today, I’m offering a beginner’s online drum lesson. The topic? Disco! Hey, wait! Where are you going? The Disco Groove is actually a pretty cool beat. It doesn’t get as much love as it used to, but in the 70’s, you could hear this beat everywhere. It’s a little tricky to play. In fact, it’s […]

Advanced Drumming Independence: the “1e-a2-and-a” Cymbal Ostinato, Part One

One of the magical things about playing a musical instrument is that the possibilities are endless. That certainly seems to be true when it comes to drumming. Developing independence against a cymbal pattern that goes over the barline is just one idea that I’ve been working on that makes me feel that drumming and music […]

Why Do My Hands Want to Follow My Bass Drum Foot? (and what to do about it)

One of the questions I often hear from beginners is about independence. In the very beginning of your drumming journey, the required separation between your hands and feet is pretty straight forward. I’m referring to your very first eighth note rock beats where your hi-hat pattern always lines up with the bass drum. To progress, […]

The Benny Greb Clave Challenge

Benny Greb Clave Challenge

The other day I saw a crazy video on Benny Greb’s Instagram page. He was playing Son Clave by making clicking noises with his mouth. And then he used his voice, while maintaining those clave clicks, to play rhythms based on 3, 5 and 7. All of those rhythms go over the barline. And if […]