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Why Do My Hands Want to Follow My Bass Drum Foot? (and what to do about it)

One of the questions I often hear from beginners is about independence. In the very beginning of your drumming journey, the required separation between your hands and feet is pretty straight forward. I’m referring to your very first eighth note rock beats where your hi-hat pattern always lines up with the bass drum. To progress, […]

The Benny Greb Clave Challenge

Benny Greb Clave Challenge

The other day I saw a crazy video on Benny Greb’s Instagram page. He was playing Son Clave by making clicking noises with his mouth. And then he used his voice, while maintaining those clave clicks, to play rhythms based on 3, 5 and 7. All of those rhythms go over the barline. And if […]

Advanced Drumming Independence: The “1e-a2-and-a” Cymbal Ostinato with a Baiao Bass Drum Pattern, Part One

During my practice to develop independence with this cymbal pattern I’ve been calling the “1e-ah-2-and-a” ostinato, I’m continuously stumbling upon new ideas. I’ve been fascinated by this independence because the phrasing of the cymbal pattern, when played in 4/4, goes over the barline. That is not something you hear very often. It’s kind of weird […]

“E-And-A” Drumming Independence Part 2

Here is the follow-up to last week’s introduction to independence against the “e-and-a” cymbal ostinato. These 16 exercises offer every 16th note bass drum possibility before two and four on the snare drum. The “e-and-a” cymbal pattern is laid on top of these grooves so you can work on the mechanics of developing this independence. […]