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The Gift

Happy Holidays, everyone! Here is my gift to you.  It’s a little motivational video that I think can help you.  The mental exercise I describe in the video did–in fact–literally change my life. I don’t want to steal my own thunder so I’m not going to tell you that much more about it, except that […]

The Inspiring Story of Rich Scannella, Bon Jovi’s Fill-In Drummer

Any of you who have been following the story of Bon Jovi’s long-time drummer Tico Torres and his unfortunate medical issues may know about Rich Scanella. But it bears repeating because Rich is just another example that anything is possible for anyone who puts in the work and persists. The bottom line: Tico was sick, […]

Plato On Focus

I’ve often been asked if I play any other instruments or write songs. My answer is “no, I never wanted to spend time on any musical endeavors other than drumming.” I want to keep getting better at the drums, so working on other instruments doesn’t make sense to me. It’s that simple….it’s about focus. I’ve […]

The Thinking Drummer: Work Hard Like David Santos

The Thinking Drummer: Work Hard Like David Santos

Hard work trumps talent. In fact, the real talent? The ability to work hard. Focus, determination, guidance, and a superior work ethic will create opportunity for you. Practice for hours on end. Practice until you can’t screw up. Then go practice some more. That’s what it takes. I have heard many successful people talk about […]