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Uptempo Jazz Drumming Comping One

Uptempo Jazz Drumming Comping

When working on playing authentically in any musical style, one fail-safe approach is to begin by absorbing the playing of your favorite drummers. Transcribe what you like, practice it, absorb it and then use it freely. Once you can do that, alter the ideas to make them your own. When it comes to uptempo jazz, […]

Elvin Jones Thesis by Barry Elmes

Why wouldn’t you want to check out a thesis on Elvin Jones? Exactly what I thought. Here’s the link to over 200 pages on Mr. Jones: Elvin Jones Thesis PDF The writing is clear, the analysis is thoughtful and there are many useful transcriptions. Recommended.

A Triplet Independence Exercise

This week I’ve been practicing, as I have been for months now, heel-down doubles with the bass drum. It’s been driving me crazy. But, I’m on the right track. The Perfect Balance Pedal has helped a lot. Sometimes, when I’m working on some technical skill like this, I need some way to keep things fresh. […]

Pattern Control For Drumset 1.1: RLF as 16ths for Jazz

This first installment of Pattern Control for Drumset applies the pattern “RLF” to 16th notes in a Jazz context. As we work on “RLF” in this context, the first order of business is getting comfortable with the three note pattern itself (as 16ths), and the second challenge is putting the hi-hat on 2 and 4 […]