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More Shuffle Independence

I’ve written about this before, but I decided that my original entry on this topic was somewhat lacking. Hence, a more complete look at this idea. The original is here, “7 Steps To Shuffle Independence,” just for reference, but you actually needn’t go there–everything that is there is also in this updated version (with more […]

7 Steps to Shuffle Cymbal Independence

WHY? The idea for this came from playing a lot of blues recently. For a drummer, playing a lot of blues means playing a lot of shuffles and a lot of 6/8. Shuffles are deceptively difficult. It takes a lot of time to make them groove. There are also a million ways to play them. […]

Groovin In Clave

Groovin In Clave, by Ignacio Berroa The goal of the book is to allow drummers to develop independence against the clave rhythm with the cymbal hand. Consistent practice and diligent work with the book will find the persistent drummer achieving this goal. I know because I’ve been working out of the book for quite some […]

A Triplet Independence Exercise

This week I’ve been practicing, as I have been for months now, heel-down doubles with the bass drum. It’s been driving me crazy. But, I’m on the right track. The Perfect Balance Pedal has helped a lot. Sometimes, when I’m working on some technical skill like this, I need some way to keep things fresh. […]