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Want to Sound Like Keith Carlock? Try This Drum Lick.

Want to Sound Like Keith Carlock? Try This Lick.

There was a good year or so that I was obsessed with Keith Carlock’s drumming. And who could blame me? Keith has got it all: a killer pocket, chops for days, and a truly unique sound. There is a particular lick that Keith plays a lot, and I’ve written about that before. You can find […]

Keith Carlock’s Innovative Genius

Innovation yields greatness. We long to hear something new and exciting. Steve Gadd gave us that when he burst onto the scene with Chick Corea. Vinnie Colaiuta did it again a bit later. Then came Weckl. Then, later still, came Virgil Donatti. They all sounded fresh and new because of their innovations. It made them […]

Keith Carlock Master Class on April 11 at Drummers Collective

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited enough about someone’s playing to go to a master class. Probably the last time I did this was when I went to see Dave Weckl at the Collective over twenty years ago. But I really like Keith Carlock’s playing. The more I dig into it, the more […]

Keith Carlock Signature Lick Transcription

This is a great lick that Keith uses a lot. It sounds huge and sweeping and awesome. It requires great technique to execute properly. Your double strokes and foot technique must be in great shape for this to work. Getting your paradiddle-diddle in order will help you too. The idea for this transcription came from […]