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Nasty Lick 43: Vinnie Colaiuta on “Joe’s Garage”

This is a great lick that Vinnie plays on “Dong Work for Yuda” from the Frank Zappa album, “Joe’s Garage.” I immediately loved it because it sounded a lot like a famous Gadd lick I love. The Gadd lick is a well known pattern, very similar to this one. (See example #2 from “Seven Gadd […]

A Simple Linear Pattern That Sounds Complicated

Here’s an idea I got from Glen Sobel. It’s a sixteenth note linear pattern that sounds much more complicated than it is. Below, you can watch a video of me playing the idea and improvising with it. But first, here’s the pattern. If you break it down, you’ll see it’s actually pretty simple. You play […]

Linear Beat #1

Hey Everyone! Today we’re going to do a quick lesson on linear drumming. When playing grooves in the linear drumming style, most of the time, you will play notes on three different surfaces without overlapping notes. Usually, you’ll be playing the hi-hat, snare drum and bass drum when playing these ideas, but there’s no rule […]

Linear Drumming Idea #1

Linear Drumming Idea #1

What is Linear Drumming? Today we’re going to explore a linear pattern on the drum set. For those of you not familiar with the term, linear drumming means that you distribute notes across a rhythm using your limbs such that no overlapping occurs–only one sound source is being played at a time. RLF RLF RLF […]