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Nasty Drum Lick 103

Nasty Lick 103 photo

This time, we’re going to another LEVEL5 show where we’ll dissect a fill that I really like. It’s a thirty-second note idea, played pretty fast and it involves a double stroke roll with some accents thrown in on the floor tom and bass drum. Let’s check it out by looking at the video below. The […]

Five Killer Vinnie Colaiuta Drum Licks Part Two

Five Vinnie Colaiuta Drum Licks Part Two Video

Here we go! This is a great Vinnie lick. I first heard it on the song “Get A Grip” from the Tom Scott album “Flashpoint,” and I’ve heard many pro drummers use it; no doubt they stole it, just like I did (and just like YOU are about to) off that record. Go to around […]

5 Killer Vinnie Colaiuta Drum Licks Part One

Welcome to Vinnie Colaiuta land! Here is the first of five killer Vinnie licks, also to be known as “Nasty Drum Licks 92 – 96.” There are two videos for this first of five licks as follows: “5 Killer Vinnie Colaiuta Licks Part One: Slow to Fast” — in this video, I break down just […]

Nasty Drum Lick #90

Nasty Drum Lick 90 is merely a simple variation on Nasty Lick 89. But, it sounds so good, I had to write it out and give it to all of you here in “The Drumming Blog.” For review, Nasty Lick 89 is a five note pattern: RLRLF, and it’s phrased as 16th note triplets. With […]