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Want to Sound Like Keith Carlock? Try This Drum Lick.

Want to Sound Like Keith Carlock? Try This Lick.

There was a good year or so that I was obsessed with Keith Carlock’s drumming. And who could blame me? Keith has got it all: a killer pocket, chops for days, and a truly unique sound. There is a particular lick that Keith plays a lot, and I’ve written about that before. You can find […]

A “Gadd-ish” 32nd Note Snare/Hi-Hat Lick You Probably Don’t Know

The other day I posted a little video on my social channels and there was one idea a few people asked me about. In this post, I’ll explain it, show it to you in a video, and give you the notation on PDF. First, a little about the lick. I’ve always loved Steve Gadd’s 32nd […]

Could You Spare 30 Seconds to Learn a Bad Ass Drum Lick?

The only reason I ask is that the video for this lesson is only 30 seconds long. And if you watch just that video, you’ll get everything you need to know in order to learn this lick. Really. And it’s a great one. In fact, it was inspired by something I heard Vinnie Colaiuta play […]

Nasty Drum Lick #128

Last week I posted a video of my playing along with Gary Husband’s song, “Groove Grease.” There’s an eight bar solo in the song and I’ve been getting asked about one of the ideas I played in that solo. Hence, Nasty Drum Lick #128 was born! The idea is a sixteenth note triplet phrase that […]