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5 Killer Gadd Licks Two

Hey There! Welcome to the second installment of 5 Killer Gadd licks. In this online video drum lesson, we’re going to show you how to play one of Steve’s signature licks. The first time I heard Gadd play this was in the groove on Tom Scott’s song “Dirty Old Man.” It knocked me out. When […]

5 Killer Gadd Licks Part One

This marks the debut of a new video series: 5 Killer Gadd Licks. The first of the five is something I call “The Three Beat Triplet Flow.” It comes from an Elvin-ish jazz phrase that I’ve heard Gadd play. He applies the idea to funk in his playing and that is the focus of this […]

Nasty Drum Lick 98: A Slick 32nd Note Groove Idea

Online Drum Lessons--Nasty Drum Lick 98

First, the VIDEO! Subscribe to BANG\\\'s YouTube Channel If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ll know that I love slick little licks that I can throw into a groove. I’ve written about these kinds of ideas before. For example: Nasty Lick 44: Yuda Variation Nasty Lick 43: Vinnie on Joe’s Garage 5 Killin […]

Counter Clockwise Drumming with Nasty Drum Lick #136

I really like the sound of drums going low to high. The lick I’m offering to you today is an example of that. It’s a new one and I’m pretty certain it’s going into my current notebook of “permanent” vocabulary (yes, I have a notebook like that…You can read more about that here: Your Notebook […]