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Want to Sound Like Keith Carlock? Try This Drum Lick.

Want to Sound Like Keith Carlock? Try This Lick.

There was a good year or so that I was obsessed with Keith Carlock’s drumming. And who could blame me? Keith has got it all: a killer pocket, chops for days, and a truly unique sound. There is a particular lick that Keith plays a lot, and I’ve written about that before. You can find […]

A “Gadd-ish” 32nd Note Snare/Hi-Hat Lick You Probably Don’t Know

The other day I posted a little video on my social channels and there was one idea a few people asked me about. In this post, I’ll explain it, show it to you in a video, and give you the notation on PDF. First, a little about the lick. I’ve always loved Steve Gadd’s 32nd […]

Inverted Double Stroke Roll Drum Lick aka Nasty Drum Lick #131

Here is a great sounding lick that has many possibilities for you to create new ideas. I’ve already been messing with it starting from the PDF I’m offering to you; check it out here: Nasty Drum Lick #131 I’m definitely NOT giving you my new variations, but ONLY because I want you to make up […]

Using Split Doubles on the Drum Kit | Nasty Drum Lick #130

I’ve been experimenting with some new drum vocabulary lately. As usual, I like to share the good stuff with you. This time, I’m sharing an idea that I’ve used a lot; a group of five phrased within 16th note triplets. The pattern I used to always play is RLRLF. In this iteration of the lick, […]