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Counter Clockwise Drumming with Nasty Drum Lick #136

I really like the sound of drums going low to high. The lick I’m offering to you today is an example of that. It’s a new one and I’m pretty certain it’s going into my current notebook of “permanent” vocabulary (yes, I have a notebook like that…You can read more about that here: Your Notebook […]

Nasty Drum Lick #135: A Backwards Six-Stroke Roll

This latest lick is one I’ve been messing around with for a while. It was inspired by Steve Gadd’s famed “ratamacue lick.” It’s got a similar vibe, but I find it much easier to play. The notation on PDF is here for you to download: Nasty Drum Lick #135 And here’s a video of me […]

Here’s a Slick Sextuplet Lick to Spice Up Your Grooves

I love these types of time-playing ideas. The first time I heard this kind of playing was when I was introduced to the drumming of Steve Gadd. His famous hi-hat/snare/bass drum ideas were always exciting and propelled the music forward. There are other posts with these types of licks offered elsewhere in the blog. You […]

Buddy Rich Drum Solo Transcription: Killer Lick from “920 Special”

Buddy Rick Drum Solo Transcription: Killer Lick from "920 Speical"

Buddy was a master technician.  But he was also extremely musical. I had an argument/debate the other day with someone about technique.  The person I was debating was arguing that focusing on technique could rob one of creativity and musicality.  I strongly disagree with that sentiment.  Technique is a means to an end.  How one […]