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A “Gadd-ish” 32nd Note Snare/Hi-Hat Lick You Probably Don’t Know

The other day I posted a little video on my social channels and there was one idea a few people asked me about. In this post, I’ll explain it, show it to you in a video, and give you the notation on PDF. First, a little about the lick. I’ve always loved Steve Gadd’s 32nd […]

Inverted Double Stroke Roll Drum Lick aka Nasty Drum Lick #131

Here is a great sounding lick that has many possibilities for you to create new ideas. I’ve already been messing with it starting from the PDF I’m offering to you; check it out here: Nasty Drum Lick #131 I’m definitely NOT giving you my new variations, but ONLY because I want you to make up […]

Using Split Doubles on the Drum Kit | Nasty Drum Lick #130

I’ve been experimenting with some new drum vocabulary lately. As usual, I like to share the good stuff with you. This time, I’m sharing an idea that I’ve used a lot; a group of five phrased within 16th note triplets. The pattern I used to always play is RLRLF. In this iteration of the lick, […]

Could You Spare 30 Seconds to Learn a Bad Ass Drum Lick?

The only reason I ask is that the video for this lesson is only 30 seconds long. And if you watch just that video, you’ll get everything you need to know in order to learn this lick. Really. And it’s a great one. In fact, it was inspired by something I heard Vinnie Colaiuta play […]