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Glen Sobel Transcription: 32nd Note Drum Solo Idea

Glen Sobel is a beast of a drummer. Based in L.A., Glen is best known as the drummer for Alice Cooper and The Hollywood Vampires. He also won the Guitar Center Drum-Off early in the contest’s history. Anyone who knows me and my drumming preferences knows that I am a big fan. Why? He’s got […]

5 Eric Moore Inspired Hi-Hat Ideas

Lately, I’ve been on an Eric Moore binge. He’s got a great groove and a lot of chops. If you don’t know him check him out. He really makes good use of the hi-hat. That’s what I want to focus on in this post. There are a couple of little ideas I picked up on […]

6/8 Explorations with “Rhythm and Drumming Demystified” by Dave DiCenso

Dave DiCenso Rhythm and Drumming Demystified

I’ve been working out of Dave DiCenso’s great book, “Rhythm and Drumming Demystified” (aka RADD). One of the sections of the book I’ve been delving into is “Lesson 19,” which features a great pattern: FRLF RLRL (easily also played as RLRL FRLF). There are a lot of things I like about the book. One is […]

The Rock Drumming Six: A Simple and Solid Drum Fill Idea

The other day I was listening to Clem Burke, the drummer from Blondie. He’s one of my favorite rock drummers. The song was “One Way or Another” from the album “Parallel Lines.” Clem goes to town on this song–big 16th note drum fills, a really interesting and muscular drum break–it’s a great drumming song. Then […]