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Nasty Drum Lick #119 | Duh-Ga-Duh-Ga-Duh-Ga-DaaaaaH

Welcome back to the wonderful world of Nasty Drum Licks. Today we’re going to check out a really cool sounding idea that is based on 32nd notes. It combines double strokes or paradiddle-diddles with a hand foot pattern: FRLRLF. I got the idea for this from something that I heard Dave DiCenso play. There will […]

Nasty Drum Lick #118 | Reverse Triplets Roundhouse

This Nasty lick goes around the drums counter-clockwise as 16th note triplets. It takes advantage of a great three note grouping as single strokes that allows you to move back and forth on the toms. Combined with a paradiddle-diddle, the lick becomes one that you can blaze around the drums continuously. The lick is written […]

Nasty Drum Lick #117 | The Roundhouse Six as 32nd Notes

This one is a killer. Sometimes you find an idea that you think is great and you work on it for a while but it is difficult to get it to the point where you can really use it. It just doesn’t feel natural and you don’t feel totally comfortable with it. Other times, you […]

Nasty Lick 116 | Drum Solo Vocabulary

Here’s Nasty Lick 116, an offshoot of a classic that many of you probably already know: RLRLFF. I don’t know why I never thought of putting two bass drum notes before RLRLFF before now, but I wish I had, because it’s a pretty cool sounding lick. As usual, I’ve given you a bunch of ideas […]