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Nasty Lick 43: Vinnie Colaiuta on “Joe’s Garage”

This is a great lick that Vinnie plays on “Dong Work for Yuda” from the Frank Zappa album, “Joe’s Garage.” I immediately loved it because it sounded a lot like a famous Gadd lick I love. The Gadd lick is a well known pattern, very similar to this one. (See example #2 from “Seven Gadd […]

Nasty Drum Lick 122: The Vinnie Colaiuta Chaka Khan Soundcheck Lick

This is a great lick that looks pretty simple on paper, but it sounds amazing when blazed! I stumbled upon it on YouTube, where master drummer and teacher, John Riley, was demonstrating it at a clinic. Have a look at the video: John plays the lick very slowly in the video; slow enough that you […]

A Philly Joe Jones Lick aka Nasty Drum Lick 109

Philly Joe Jones Drum Lick aka "Nasty Drum Lick #109"

NOTE: There is another sticking that I recently discovered for Nasty Lick #109. Both this original and the new one work well, but I like the new one better. You can see the post and the link to the PDF with the revised sticking here: Philly Joe Jones Nasty Drum Lick #109 w Revised Sticking […]

Nasty Drum Lick 112: A Cool Vinnie Colaiuta-ish Triplet Thang

Here I present to you an idea that combines some stuff I’ve heard Vinnie play with my own stuff. It’s simply a six-stroke roll with a little hand/foot combo thrown in. The way I like to use it has a “three-beat” kind of feel, which makes it sound cool and flowing. I’m offering you both […]