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Drum Solo Vocabulary: FRLRL as 16th Note Triplets (aka Pattern Control for Drumset)

Welcome to the latest edition of “Pattern Control,” a way to gain control over complex vocabulary. Using this method can help you understand complex phrases and how they work in different rhythmic metrics. I’ve written several articles about this idea and you can read more by having a look at the links at the bottom […]

Pattern Control for Drumset: FRLRL as 32nds

Pattern Control is a concept/method I use often to understand drumming ideas I come up with (or steal). I’ve found it very useful, so I want to share the latest drumming pattern I’ve examined using the method. Pattern Control allows you to examine how a sticking or hand/foot idea plays out in a particular subdivision […]

Pattern Control for Drum Set: RLF as 32nd notes

The notion of Pattern Control on drum set means that you take a pattern you are interested in exploring and then manipulate it through different metrics and over various numbers of measures so you can see how it plays out. The point is for you to find ways to use it that make sense. I’ve […]

Pattern Control For Drumset 1.1: RLF as 16ths for Jazz

This first installment of Pattern Control for Drumset applies the pattern “RLF” to 16th notes in a Jazz context. As we work on “RLF” in this context, the first order of business is getting comfortable with the three note pattern itself (as 16ths), and the second challenge is putting the hi-hat on 2 and 4 […]