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A Philly Joe Jones Lick aka Nasty Drum Lick 109

Philly Joe Jones Drum Lick aka "Nasty Drum Lick #109"

NOTE: There is another sticking that I recently discovered for Nasty Lick #109. Both this original and the new one work well, but I like the new one better. You can see the post and the link to the PDF with the revised sticking here: Philly Joe Jones Nasty Drum Lick #109 w Revised Sticking […]

King Cadence: A Philly Joe Jones Inspired Eight Bar Break

Back when I was shedding a lot of Philly Joe Jones and Vinnie Ruggiero stuff, I started writing out some cadences that came to me while practicing. What strikes me as I look over this material again is how musical it is. The phrases have space and are syncopated in that traditional jazz type of […]

Philly Joe Jones Solo Book

Just published and transcribed by Joerg Eckel, this book of Philly Joe Jones solos is certain to be very accurate. On matters such as these, there is no one I trust more than John Riley, who, several years ago, told me about a student of his who had transcribed a large number of Philly Joe […]

Philly Joe Jones Drum Clinic Audio

I recently discovered that the audio that was posted of this drum clinic was taken down from Soundcloud, so it is no longer available. However, below is a video interview with Philly Joe Jones that is a little over an hour long. I think you’ll find it interesting. It’s the only video interview of Philly […]