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Drum Practice Secrets: The Essential Elements Based on Science

The Grand Father or Performance Science Tells You How To Become An Expert

Time spent, quality, feedback. Practice is a tricky endeavor. You need to work hard for a long period of time and you need a focused, goal-related, methodical practice regimen that is flexible. You need the help of an expert (or many experts) and you need the time to do it. And you’ll need the passion […]

The Thinking Drummer: On Mastery

I frequently see drum students rushing through a page of exercises. One such page is the first set of eighth note rock independence exercises in the late Charles Dowd’s book “The Funky Primer.” I use the book often with beginners who are interested in playing pop and rock. It’s a great way to begin that […]

Why Thinking About Your Drumming Is Just As Important As Practicing

Thomas Edison was a great thinker and a really hard worker. And he was really successful. One of the most important inventors in history, without Thomas Edison we would not have the light bulb nor the phonograph. The implications of what he created are massive. How can you achieve that kind of success as a […]

Great Drummers Practice a LOT

Yesterday I gave a lesson to a highly motivated student who told me he had just secured a practice space where he could practice almost as much as he wanted to. I rarely hear news this good from my students. Honestly, I more frequently hear bad news about their progress. The statement “I was really […]