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Modern Drummer writes about Phantogram’s Chris Carhart and BANG!

It was exciting to see that Modern Drummmer magazine picked up on the story about our new Artists-In-Residence program and the fact that Chris Carhart, PHANTOGRAM’s drummer, is our first appointment. There is a great shot of Chris at Madison Square Garden and a quote from me (Mark Feldman) included in their News story. For […]

Cornell Alumni Magazine

Brooklyn Today

“So you think all of that practicing on Rock Band has pretty much got you covered as a bona-fide drummer? Think again. If you’re serious, you might want to hone your skills at BANG! the Drum School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Insight Magazine

Insight Magazine, an online publication from the forward thinking arts organization, FOKUS, published an interview with BANG’s founder, Mark Feldman, in their 30th issue, published in the Spring of 2011, when BANG! The Drum School was still located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The article is reprinted below. Key Quote: “It is a very pleasant experience to […]