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Jojo Mayer On Greatness

This quote pretty much nails the big picture of how to conceptualize what a drummer needs in order to be a great player. We’re not talking about skills. Yes, you need to learn to read rhythmic notation and gain technique. Yes, you need to study and gain multi limbed independence. Yes, you have to learn […]

Bill Stewart on Technique

One of the purposes of “The Drumming Blog” is to curate. As one who is obsessed with drumming, I’m a big consumer of the drumming media and therefore I stumble upon little tidbits of drumming wisdom all the time. Often, it’s from interviews I read with great drummers either online or in magazines. In this […]

Quotes Every Drummer Must Read 1

Theodore Roosevelt must have been talking about leadership in the quote below, but every drummer in pursuit of their art form will relate to the thought. In fact, any artist will understand the idea of battling against the pull of the “normal” and striving to do something different. I stumbled upon this through my readings […]

Quotes: Bill Evans

Today I came across these words from the great jazz pianist Bill Evans. Recently, I’ve been thinking about practice and the work that goes into becoming a great artist. Evans echoes my beliefs on how it all works. There is no secret. The answer is focused hard work. See the quote below the photo.   […]