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How To Read Music For Drummers Part 1

Hey Everyone! This post is for beginners or any drummer who has no idea how to read music and wants to learn. One way that works for me to teach this is to show new students how to play simple eighth note beats using only physical movements and then to show them and explain how […]

The 16th Note Grid: All the Possibilities

Referring to the grid of 16th note possibilities has become a frequent–almost daily–occurrence for me. Recently, that’s because I’ve been working on a lot of independence ideas. The grid is a handy reference for my OCD completist mind during that kind of practice. But there are other possible reasons to want this on one page […]

Understanding Sixteenth Notes

I frequently have students ask me about sixteenth notes. How do they work? How do I count them? What do they look like? And more. In this post, I’ve uploaded a beginner’s guide to sixteenth note figures that I often use with students. It explains, in a very simple and graphic way, how sixteenth note […]

How To Read Music For Drummers Part Two | 12 Eighth Note Rock Beats

We’ve been working on learning to read music. If you’ve been following this series, you’ll have checked out the previous two posts, Your First Drum Lesson and How To Read Music For Drummers Part One. If you haven’t been following it, feel free to check out those links. The idea is this: first, learn a […]