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More Ride Cymbal Technique

Here is an exercise I’ve been using to help me work on my uptempo ride technique. Using this method, rather than randomly speeding up and slowing down to work on your speed, you’ll have a way to systematically and gradually move in and out of the uptempo pattern while maintaining a pulse. By doing so, […]

The Thinking Drummer: On Practice & Patience

I went to a drum lesson on Monday. It had been six months since my last one, which felt like a long time to me, especially since I’ve been spending almost all of my practice time on a single skill: my jazz ride cymbal technique. My first lesson with my teacher–the great John Riley–was in […]

How To Blaze The Ride Cymbal

John Riley Ride Cymbal Technique Lesson

RIDE CYMBAL TECHNIQUE: MY OBSESSION Since I’ve been obsessed with jazz ride cymbal technique for the better part of a year, I thought I should write and talk about the little journey I’ve been taking. This year alone I spent several hundred hours working on this technique (at least 400). I’m embarrassed to mention how […]