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Roger Taylor’s Drum Solo On “Under Pressure” Transcribed

I’ve always loved Queen. But I have a new-found admiration for drummer Roger Taylor now. Check out his drumming on the track “Under Pressure” and you’ll see why. He’s an under appreciated gem of a drummer, so I wanted to make sure I gave him some props by presenting this transcription. Background On Why I […]

The One Simple Rock Fill You MUST Know

It occurred to me the other day that there is one simple rock fill that I’ve been playing for decades, but I have never heard anyone speak about it. Nor have I ever seen anyone write about it. Perhaps it is because rock drummers play this fill almost thoughtlessly, like it’s always been a part […]

Max Roach Inspired Rock Fills

Many of the world’s best known and most highly regarded rock drummers have been profoundly influenced by great jazz drummers. John Bonham was a Buddy Rich fanatic. So is Neil Peart. Neil is also a Max fan and has written about how Max Roach’s classic jazz solo, “The Drum Also Waltzes,” has influenced him. He […]

Son of Eighth Note Rock Beats!!

A while back I posted a sheet of eighth note rock beats. The original sheet, simply called “Eighth Note Rock Beats,” was just a baker’s dozen of beats….many of which I still use to this day in my rock playing. It doesn’t have to be complex to be good! Eighth note rock beats are the […]