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Nasty Lick 38

Mark Feldman performing with MANCIE

Are you ready? I am about to give you one of my Nastiest of the Nasty Licks!!! Nasty Lick #38 is one of my favorites. It pretty much ALWAYS gets a reaction. Just check out the screams from the audience when I launch into it in the video below. It’s a live video of my […]

10 Essential Drum Fills

Attention newbie drummers! It’s time to learn some vocabulary. Here are ten drum fills that are very simple and sound great. They’re gig tested and fairly easy to play. You just have to sit behind the kit and dig in. Practice them and repeat that practice until you’ve got it. Remember studying a foreign language? […]

7 Matt Cameron Inspired Fills

I’ve been digging into Matt Cameron’s playing with Soundgarden recently, and the result is this sheet of great sounding fills. There is something very Bonham-ish about some of Matt’s playing. In fact, of these fills, #4 is something I’ve definitely heard Bonham play. The phrasing of fills is often the key to making them sound […]

11 More Rock Drum Fills: Fill ‘Er Up! 2

Just like last time (Fill Er Up! 11 Trusty Rock Drum Fills), here are 11 more road tested rock drum fills that you can use right away. They are two beat fills and although they are simple, when played with conviction they will sound great. Use the same instructions for practice as outlined in “Fill […]