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The Inverted Paradiddle Challenge

Last week I saw a Drumeo video where Gavin Harrison described and demonstrated “The Paradiddle Challenge.” I love drumming puzzles and I really liked the idea. In the video, Gavin mentioned that he had actually gotten the idea from reading an interview with Gary Husband, who described it in print. Inverted paradiddles have always excited […]

Test Your Drumming Independence: The “1e-a2-and-a” cymbal ostinato Part 3

Today we get to Part 3 of our journey into independence with what I’ve been calling the “1E-A2-AND-A” cymbal ostinato. Look at the notation below; that’s what the pattern looks like on paper. I really like this cymbal rhythm. It’s very different from what most of us are used to playing on the hi-hat or […]

Test Your Drumming Independence: the “1e-a2-and-a” Ostinato, Part 2

Advanced Drumming Independence: the “1e-a2-and-a” Cymbal Ostinato, Part One

One of the magical things about playing a musical instrument is that the possibilities are endless. That certainly seems to be true when it comes to drumming. Developing independence against a cymbal pattern that goes over the barline is just one idea that I’ve been working on that makes me feel that drumming and music […]