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Rhythmic Control Part 3

There is a great technique book called “Savage Rudimental Workout,” that I think is a bit overlooked. I don’t hear much about this book in any of the usual channels–chat rooms, magazines, social media etc. I’ve been using the book with advanced beginners to help with technique. The other day, I was working on the […]

66 Measure Weak Hand Single Stroke Endurance Exercise

This three page monster exercise, inspired by a similar idea in Joe Morello’s “Master Studies 2,” is a killer, and the title describes it’s purpose. I’ve been working on single strokes lately, and as usual, I want to share my methods with you. I did not write the sticking on the exercise sheets because once […]

Developing The Single Stroke Roll, 3

Here’s yet another set of exercises to help you with your singles. These focus on short bursts of singles that are triplet and sixteenth note based. Check the upper left hand corner of the worksheet for information on what tempos you should be working towards. There’s not that much else to say, except: PRACTICE! Download […]