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How The Hell Do I Learn To Play Drum Solos? Part 1 – Vocabulary and “Drum Solo Sequences”

How to Learn to Play Drum Solos

Introduction | How The Hell Do I Learn To Play Drum Solos? For a long time, learning how to play drum solos always seemed elusive to me. How does one learn to do this? How do you get all these cool drumming ideas to come out of your body and flow? And how do you […]

Chris Coleman Paradiddle Soloing Idea

I’ve been getting into Chris Coleman lately. While watching one of his solos, I noticed him playing something familiar but with a really cool twist. I had never thought of doing what he did, and so I figured I would share it with you. Check out the video. At 3:23, Chris blazes paradiddles phrased as […]

Pattern Control for Drumset: FRLRL as 32nds

Pattern Control is a concept/method I use often to understand drumming ideas I come up with (or steal). I’ve found it very useful, so I want to share the latest drumming pattern I’ve examined using the method. Pattern Control allows you to examine how a sticking or hand/foot idea plays out in a particular subdivision […]

Drum Solo Ostinatos: The Left Hand “E-And” Part One

In this post, you’ll find a PDF to help you work on a really cool and useful ostinato that you can use in your drum solos. I call it “The Left Hand E-And” because the left hand plays the middle two 16th note figures on the hi-hat, while the left foot plays quarter notes by […]