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Chris Coleman Paradiddle Soloing Idea

I’ve been getting into Chris Coleman lately. While watching one of his solos, I noticed him playing something familiar but with a really cool twist. I had never thought of doing what he did, and so I figured I would share it with you. Check out the video. At 3:23, Chris blazes paradiddles phrased as […]

Pattern Control for Drumset: FRLRL as 32nds

Pattern Control is a concept/method I use often to understand drumming ideas I come up with (or steal). I’ve found it very useful, so I want to share the latest drumming pattern I’ve examined using the method. Pattern Control allows you to examine how a sticking or hand/foot idea plays out in a particular subdivision […]

Drum Solo Ostinatos: The Left Hand “E-And” Part One

In this post, you’ll find a PDF to help you work on a really cool and useful ostinato that you can use in your drum solos. I call it “The Left Hand E-And” because the left hand plays the middle two 16th note figures on the hi-hat, while the left foot plays quarter notes by […]

Nasty Drum Lick #75

New ideas frequently come from very simple ideas that you already know. The guts of Nasty Lick #75, presented here, came from a very simple 16th note lick I’ve been playing for a very long time (the sticking is “RLRL”), shown below: The new version came from simply adding bass drum notes before and after […]