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Nasty Lick 43: Vinnie Colaiuta on “Joe’s Garage”

This is a great lick that Vinnie plays on “Dong Work for Yuda” from the Frank Zappa album, “Joe’s Garage.” I immediately loved it because it sounded a lot like a famous Gadd lick I love. The Gadd lick is a well known pattern, very similar to this one. (See example #2 from “Seven Gadd […]

Colaiuta and Gadd Inspired Fusion Grooves

Yesterday I revisited a cymbal pattern that I like. Below, the notation, with the left foot playing the hi-hat on quarter notes and the ride cymbal notated above that with the right hand: I think I first heard this cymbal rhythm as played on the hi-hat by Narada Michael Walden on “Come Dancing,” a track […]

Nasty Lick 45: Gadd’s Mozambique

A prospective student asked me about adding some Latin patterns to his rock playing. The first thing I thought of was this highly useful and amazing sounding Mozambique pattern, brought to the mainstream pop world courtesy of Steve Gadd. I’ve been using it in my playing for a long time, and it never disappoints. Check […]

Nasty Licks 40, 41 and 42: Around The Drums–Quickly!

This time it’s about getting around the drums in a hurry. No, I don’t mean rushing the time, but I mean roundhouse type licks that make me think of Buddy Rich or Steve Gadd. Each of these three licks will get you around the drums in triplets. Licks #40 and 42 are played as alternating […]