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10 Advanced 32 Note Paradiddle Exercises Volume 1

10 Advanced 32nd Note Paradiddle Exercises Volume 1

What This is OK, I know the title of this article is a bit of a mouthful, but I think it explains what we’re doing here. These ten exercises combine single paradiddles, double paradiddles and paradiddle-diddles in different ways to make up full measures as 32nd notes. Every exercise starts with a right and ends […]

Paradiddle Cheat Sheet 1

For beginners, here is the first in a series of Cheat Sheets. This one covers what I consider to be the three most important paradiddle patterns for beginners to learn: The Single Paradiddle The Double Paradiddle The Paradiddle-Diddle (both left and right-handed versions) The first order of business is to learn these hand patterns cold. […]

16 More Exercises to Build Facility with Inverted Paradiddles

I’ve been digging deeper into inverted paradiddles and the deeper I go, the cooler it gets and the more ideas I come up with. That’s what “deep practice” is all about. Immerse yourself deeply in a particular aspect of your playing or in a concept you’re working on and you’ll see the power of it. […]

16 Exercises to Build Facility with Inverted Paradiddles

This inversion of the ever-useful paradiddle is sometimes referred to as the “paradiddle with the diddle in the middle.” It’s one of my favorite stickings because it is very easy to put accents on either the quarter note or the “a.” And that allows for some cool sounding phrases to be created. The first step, […]