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Nasty Lick 37

This Nasty Lick is based on a six stroke roll, but with some bass drum thrown in. It comes from something I’ve heard Dave Weckl do a lot, but I’ve added an extra triplet at the end of the phrase to make it a nine note grouping….I like the way that makes it move around […]

Samba Independence Part 2

The introductory exercises on Samba Independence (Part One), were meant to get the beginning drummer used to the samba bass drum pattern and the majority of common snare drum variations that could be played against that pattern. The cymbal pattern used in that introductory set of exercises was simple eighth notes….a “straight” pattern of continuous […]

Developing The Single Stroke Roll, 3

Here’s yet another set of exercises to help you with your singles. These focus on short bursts of singles that are triplet and sixteenth note based. Check the upper left hand corner of the worksheet for information on what tempos you should be working towards. There’s not that much else to say, except: PRACTICE! Download […]

Clave Independence Part One

Clave Independence has been on my mind for a while. I first starting thinking about it when the left foot clave rage began a while back. Initially, I rejected it because I did not consider Latin playing to be my main focus and I knew it would be a huge amount of work to get […]